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AdvoCare Products

AdvoCare products are voluntarily tested by a third-party to ensure that the highest quality is achieved by all products.  All of the products that are a part of the Performance Elite line are tested for over 200 banned substances which enable the products to be certified approved for the NFL, NCAA, MLB and the Olympics.  This is accomplished thorugh the Informed-Choice program

All of the AdvoCare products are backed by 200+ years of scientific research and expertise through the Scientific & Medical Advisory Board.

There are 4 distinct lines provided by AdvoCare to meet your specific health needs. 
They are:
1) Trim: Solutions for Healthy Weight Management

2) Active: Vibrant Energy and On-The-Go Nutrition

3) Wellness: Nutrition for a Healthy, balanced lifestyle

4) Performance Elite: Advanced Sports Nutrition

AdvoCare Trim Product Sheets:
Title                        Description
24 Day Challenge      Lose stubborn body fat and keep it off! Energize your Mind and Body
                              Improve your Digestion, Rid yourself of toxins, Control Appetite
                              and Fuel up with Core Nutrition

Carb-Ease                Reduces the absorption of starches, sugars and other carbohydrates

Catalyst                   Amino acid Supplement Helps maintain lean muscle and energy 
                              levels during exercise.  Helps repair and protect muscle tissue.

MNS Max 3               Provides a complete system for weight loss and weight-
                                            Management.  AdvoCare's number 1 Nutrition System.

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AdvoCare Active Product Sheets:
Title                        Description
AdvoCare Slam          Ready to drink liquid energy supplement.  Only 10 calories and 

AdvoCare Spark        A sugar-free source of long-lasting energy and mental focus.
Energy Drink            AdvoCare's number 1 selling product!!

O2 Gold                  Enhance your body's use of Oxygen.  "Third Lung."

Rehydrate               The #1 hydration product in the marketplace. More complete than
Electrolyte Drink      Gatorade.

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AdvoCare Wellness Product Sheets:
Title                                   Description 

Calcium Plus            Provides 500mg of Calcium a day.

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AdvoCare Performance Elite Product Sheets:
Title                        Description

Arginine Extreme       Excellent support for cardio workouts.  Great Pre-workout product.

Mass Impact             Helps increase physical endurance. Muscle building aid. Informed-
                              Choice Certified.

Muscle Fuel              Pre-workout product. Rocket fuel in a box. Take your workouts to 
                              the next level.

Muscle Gain             25 grams of High-Quality, pre-digested Protein. Silky smooth...great

Night Time Recovery  Provides enhanced muscle growth. Helps burn stubborn belly fat 
                              While you sleep.

Post Workout            Helps minimize muscle soreness.  Optimizes muscle recovery.

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